Currently Open
The Animal Medical Centre employs competent veterinarians who satisfy the registration requirements of the Hong Kong Veterinary Surgeons Board. Our case load is very varied with a large range of medical and surgical conditions. The work is challenging and yet very rewarding. Over the last several decades we have developed a reputation amongst our clients for providing thorough and definitive treatment options at a fair price. If you believe that you have the necessary skills, including a sense of humour and can contribute to our team, then feel free to submit your cover letter and cv to us. Skills that we are looking for include:

  • Fullfil the registration requirements of the HK VSB. (see
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Competent at varied surgeries.
  • Can keep calm under pressure.
  • Thrive in a clinically challenging environment.
We offer a better than average pay scale and time off. Also being one of the largest veterinary groups in Hong Kong allows us to provide a greater level of support and guidance to those veterinarians who are relatively new to working in Hong Kong. Please submit your application to

Note: Potential applicants should note that the Hong Kong Veterinary Surgeons Board is notorious for it's pedanticism, taking up to NINE MONTHS to register foreign vets to allow them to work in Hong Kong.